Are you wondering if he’s as torn up inside as you have been since the split? You’re not alone. It’s hard to ignore the signs he is heartbroken over you. Believe it or not, men suffer heartbreak just like women do, but they internalize their emotions and react differently. Their behaviors may mask it, but that doesn’t mean they’re totally fine.

A study confirms that men do feel emotional pain, much like women. However, instead of expressing it, they often bury it deep down, leading to issues like chronic stress and health problems.

So how can you tell if a guy is heartbroken, or even if he still has feelings for you post-breakup? Keep reading, fade your doubts, and get a clear picture with these 13 definitive signs he is indeed heartbroken over you.

Do Men Suffer from Heartbreak?

After a breakup, separation, or divorce, men may show signs they are hurting through a shift in their behavior, body language, and other nonverbal cues. Whether it’s a change in daily routines or engaging in excessive partying as a coping strategy, the signs are often there if you look closely. It is never the same after a heartbreak.

Feeling heartbroken can trigger emotional distress signs such as a sense of deep sadness, a sudden life change, or even a rebound relationship that again ends in emotional pain. Some men may adopt a few bad habits or appear to never be the same after a heartbreak.

The question of whether men experience heartache after a breakup is often subject to social and cultural biases. However, scientific research shows that not only do men feel heartbroken, but their experience can sometimes be more intense than commonly believed:

  • Men and women handle emotions similarly, but their brains manage emotions differently; men seem to do it more easily, while women use positive feelings to balance the negative ones, as per this study. But at the level of the heart, men often feel more emotional pain during a breakup process compared to women. They might not show the signs they’re hurting emotionally, but the internal turmoil exists
  • Caffeine addiction can be a manifestation of emotional instability, especially among adults. According to a study, young adults often combine the intake of alcohol and caffeinated beverages, usually in the form of high-energy drinks, as a coping mechanism. When men are brokenhearted, they adopt various strategies to handle their emotional pain. They even try to engage in new hobbies or may resort to less healthy habits, such as caffeine addiction. excessive drinking etc, to mask their feelings of heartbreak
  • For some men, physical presence alongside their girlfriends serves as a love language. If they don’t receive this form of care, they can plunge into profound loneliness. After lolives the love of their life, men may quickly engage in new romantic relationships or date other women to alleviate the emotional sting of a lost love. However, these actions often serve as fleeting emotional fixes, rather than sincere efforts towards recovery and progression.

So, if you’re looking for signs your ex still has feelings for you or wondering about signs you broke his heart, look closely. The cues might be subtle, but they’re there. Remember, men too, feel heartbroken and experience negative emotions, and they, too, need time and space for their healing process.

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What Are The Signs A Man Is Heartbroken Over You?

Navigating the emotional aftermath of a breakup is rarely straightforward, especially when lingering feelings are involved. While many believe that men move on quickly, this stereotype often obscures the real emotional turmoil that heartbroken men go through. Yes, guys hurt, too, and they experience the complexities and emotional pain of breakups in their own unique ways. 

Whether it’s grappling with the breakup process itself or wrestling with the longing to continue loving someone, men show a range of signs when they’re still emotionally invested. So, how do you decipher the signs he is hurting and still carries a flame for you? 

The following 13 indicators offer deep insights into the male psyche post-breakup. From the more obvious signs to less evident ones, this list aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how men cope, or fail to cope, with a broken heart.

1. He tries to be emotionally tough

You know how sometimes guys act tough and don’t show their feelings? Well, if he’s suddenly acting like you’re invisible or just being distant, this is one of the signs he is hurting inside. He’s probably pulling away emotionally to make the breakup process easier to get through. It’s like his shield against feeling any more hurt than he already does.

If he is acting cold and ignoring you even when you know he could use a friend. That’s a red flag! He’s most likely in a lot of heartache and doesn’t want contact you because he’s scared it’ll bring back all those old, painful memories. So, is he becoming distant? That’s actually him trying to protect himself, but it’s also a sign that he still has some pretty deep feelings for you.

2. His social media reveals his sad feelings

Many guys utilize social media platforms to express their emotions. So, you’ve noticed he’s posting sad quotes or love songs on social media? Yep, these are clear signs he still loves you after the breakup.

You know how some guys find it tough to talk about their feelings? Well, he’s one of them. Instead, he goes on social media to let it all out. He might not say, “Hey, I’m feeling down,” but you’ll see him posting quotes, songs, or those kinds of mysterious statuses. Yep, that’s his way of showing he’s got something going on inside.

Signs he is heartbrokenn over you

3. He is suddenly always busy

Noticing that he’s all of a sudden buried in work, spending extra time with friends, or diving into new projects? This uptick in activity might not be random. Men often immerse themselves in other areas of life to distract from heartbreak or emotional imbalance.

A busy schedule serves as a shield against confronting raw feelings and a tool for rebuilding self-worth. So, if he’s filling his calendar more than usual, it’s not just about time management—it could be about managing a broken heart.

4. He talks more about you in his circle

If he’s leaning on friends and family for emotional support and even bringing you up in conversations, that’s a telltale sign he’s feeling heartbroken over you. Many men find it tough to spill their emotions, so reaching out to people who aren’t directly tangled in the breakup gives them a cushion to be real about how they feel.

Did mutual friends or family members mention he’s asked about you? Bingo! That means he’s still emotionally invested in you in the first place. It’s like he’s using his inner circle as a test zone to explore his feelings without the risk of making things more complicated between you two. If you’re the hot topic in his discussions lately, odds are he’s still got you on his mind and in his heart.

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5. You get your ex’s verbal explanation

Hey, you know what? If he straight-up tells you he can’t get through the breakup process, believe him. That’s one of the signs this man is broken-hearted. Many guys don’t even want to acknowledge their own feelings, so if he’s saying it out loud, he’s hurting. 

If you feel like he’s at the end of his rope and just needs you to understand, then he’s probably hurting even more on the inside. Sometimes, being that open is his last-ditch effort to show you the pain he’s really in. And guess what? It also means he trusts you enough to reveal his vulnerable side, which is a big deal.

6. He attempts to stay friends with you

You keep seeing his phone number pop up on your mobile, huh? That’s an obvious sign he’s still got feelings for you.  Eve if you are not together, he still desires to be friends; it could be his way of holding onto hope for a second chance.

Maybe that’s why he repeatedly calls or texts you on a regular basis. Men experience breakups in different ways, and some choose to continue loving the same person by trying to maintain an unsaid relationship. It might be his way of keeping you in his life without the commitments and labels, offering him the emotional proximity he desires while he figures out his next move.

7. He acts jealous when someone new comes into your life

Guess what? If he’s acting or feeling jealous when you start seeing other guys, that’s a big, flashing sign he’s not over you and wants to come back. Yep, he’s still got feelings, and they’re as alive as ever!

Ever seen him act a bit wild or maybe even ask too many questions about your new boo? He’s probably trying to figure out if he still has a shot with you. In other words, his emotional rollercoaster isn’t just a ride for him; it’s a loud signal that he’s not ready to let go. So, if you notice his jealousy radar going off, know that he’s still carrying a torch for you!

Understanding his underlying tactics can offer more clarity about his intentions. Knowing the ‘how’ might help you navigate the situation better. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice the following behaviors that indicate he’s still hung up on you and wrestling with jealousy:

  • He asks probing questions about your new relationship
  • Makes passive-aggressive comments when the new person is mentioned
  • Tries to one-up the new person in conversations or actions
  • Shows up unexpectedly when you’re spending time with the new person
  • Tries to make plans that interfere with your time with the new person
  • Reacts emotionally or appears tense when the new relationship is discussed
  • Expresses skepticism or criticism about the new person’s intentions or qualities

8. He intentionally tries to make you jealous

He starts dating and parades with a new girlfriend infront of you. If he’s flaunting that to make you jealous, he is in the right place emotionally but for the wrong reasons. This act shows he still wants to be in your good graces.

By making you feel jealous, he may believe he’s increasing his value in your eyes, perhaps making you reconsider the breakup. This strategy, however unwise, underscores how deeply he is affected by your separation.

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9. He frequently roams at locations you visit 

When you bump into him regularly at places you commonly frequent, it’s likely not just a random occurrence. His showing up might make it more complicated for you to get back together, but he chooses to be there to feel closer to you. This behavior, while confusing, indicates a degree of commitment and dedication that goes beyond mere coincidence. 

These are the signs he still loves you after breakup. He’s making an effort to stay relevant in your life, hoping for a moment of connection that could reignite the relationship.

10. He is still single after a long time

If he’s still riding solo after several months or even years, that could be a big ol’ sign he’s not over you! He hasn’t found anyone who lights up his life like you did. 

This extended solo journey is more than just him enjoying the single life; it’s a billboard announcing he still has feelings for you. The guy is emotionally booked, and you’re still the VIP guest in his heart. So if you’re wondering whether he’s moved on or wants to come back together, his status is screaming, “Nope, not yet!”

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11. He’s back to his old habits

When a man is heartbroken, he might retreat into the comfort—or discomfort—of old habits. These are usually behaviors that he might have been avoiding while in the relationship, either because you helped him see the better path or because he was motivated to be his best self for you. 

However, if you notice he’s regressing into less healthy or more destructive patterns, it’s a sign that he might be doing this to forget you or feel better, even though if it’s just for a little while.

It’s often said that when we’re under stress or facing emotional pain, we revert to old habits. These behaviors act like a security blanket, providing a sense of familiarity and comfort, albeit false. If he’s having a hard time after a breakup, you might notice the following behavior traits, indicating that he’s not just struggling to move on but possibly spiraling:

  • Drinking more heavily to numb the pain, only to find that emotions return stronger once he’s sober
  • Reconnecting with friends he’d distanced from, but not for support—mainly as distractions
  • Avoiding responsibilities, whether it’s work commitments or personal growth, choosing escapism over facing issues
  • Overindulging in comfort foods, neglecting any previous efforts toward a balanced diet or exercise
Signs he is heartbroken over you

12. He’s putting his social life on pause or is always partying

If he’s suddenly MIA from his usual social scenes or, conversely, is always out partying, it’s a big red flag. Both behaviors indicate that he’s probably heartbroken over you. Yeah, that’s right—his buddies are either asking where he is, or they’re wondering why he’s suddenly the life of every party. Even his favorite barstool might be getting cold or seeing more of him than ever before. 

But don’t expect either extreme to last forever. When he starts feeling better, you’ll likely see a return to his usual social patterns. Until then, whether it’s an empty calendar or a party-filled one, it’s pretty much a love letter to what you guys used to have.

13. He is on a self-improvement drive

Is he suddenly pumping iron at the gym like there’s no tomorrow? You may have spotted an unfamiliar stack of self-help books on his nightstand in a recent picture on Instagram. If you’ve noticed these changes in him, it could be more than just a random phase. In fact, it might be an emotional response to heartbreak.

When a man suddenly dives headlong into self-improvement, it can be a signal—this is his way of using the post-breakup period as a catalyst for change. No longer content to wallow in sorrow, he’s chosen action over inaction, development over stagnation. Could it be that he’s gunning to win you back with a transformed version of himself? Perhaps. Here’s what to watch for:

  • He’s become a regular at the gym, transforming his physique
  • A noticeable interest in self-help and career-enhancing literature
  • He’s no longer just clocking in at work; he’s gunning for that corner office
  • His social calendar suddenly filling up? He’s expanding his social horizons
  • Don’t overlook a revamped wardrobe or a fresh haircut; even his outward appearance is getting an upgrade

Ever notice that he’s suddenly spending much time at the gym? Yeah, that’s not just about getting buff. When a guy is heartbroken over you, lifting weights or doing cardio can become his new best friend. He’s amping up his gym routine to try and sweat out all the sadness and frustration he’s feeling. Plus, don’t be surprised if he starts looking fitter; that’s just the bonus effect of his emotional workout!


1. What does heartbreak feel like for a man?

Heartbreak isn’t exclusive to women; guys feel it, too, and it’s gut-wrenching. For him, it’s like a punch in the gut that doesn’t go away. Imagine getting knocked down by a wave and not being able to find your way back to the surface.

That’s him, emotionally. He might not show it as you expect—instead of tears, he might act distant, cold, or even angry. Don’t be fooled. Inside, he’s grappling with feelings of emptiness, sadness, and confusion.

2. How long does it take for men to fully recover from a heartbreak?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but healing is often a slow process for guys. Some say it takes half the time you were together to move on truly. So, if he was with you for a year, it might take him around six months to feel like himself again. And that’s if things go smoothly.

If you were the love of his life, it might take even longer. He could throw himself into work or hobbies to distract himself, but don’t mistake activity for recovery. Inside, he’s still figuring out how to patch up that hole you left.

3. Will a man regret losing a good woman?

Yes, especially if he’s smart enough to realize what he’s lost. Men might not show it immediately, but when they lose someone who genuinely cared for them, supported them, and made their life brighter, the regret will eventually creep in. It might hit him all at once or gradually, but the “what-ifs” and “if-onlys” will definitely haunt him. He might not always come back, knocking on your door with a bouquet of roses, but in a quiet moment, he’ll think about you and wish things had gone differently.

There you have the certain signs he is heartbroken over you! Heartbreak is a tough journey for anyone, and guys are no exception. So if he seems distant, know that he’s probably struggling in his own way, even if he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. Breaking up is hard to do; let’s be honest, it’s rough on everyone involved. It’s not just you who’s reeling from the loss—chances are, he is, too.

So the next time love knocks on your door, you’ll be a wiser, better you—and maybe, just maybe, he’ll have found his own path to healing, too.