Texting ‘I love you’ to someone is putting your heart out in the open. If you are someone who does not want to say the 3 magical words as they are, then we are here to help you. Familiarize yourself with some creative and secret ways to say I love you in text. These out-of-the-box ways to say I love you without saying those words can add excitement and romance to any text conversation.

When you are a hopeless romantic and have been together for a while, finding fresh ideas to confess your feelings reminds your SO how special they are. There are some cute secret ways to say I love you in a text you can use to express your love.

From clever riddles to unique binary codes, and cute text symbols to secret emoji combinations – this article will give you 51 innovative secret ways to say I love you differently and adorably in texts. So get ready to wow your significant other and keep the romance alive! Use these secret ways to say I love you in texts to creatively express your devotion with these three words.

How To Say I Love You In A Secret Message Riddle? 

Don’t we all love secrets, puzzles, and hidden meanings in our relationships? It makes expressing feelings more thrilling and fun. Secret text messages thrill relationships. Hidden meanings make professing affection more exciting, injecting playfulness into love.

While expressing your affection by saying I love you sounds cute, you can also go for another way to say I love you forever, or you can use some riddles to express your feelings.

No, you don’t have to learn any foreign language for this. But if you still want to woo her with a foreign language, you can use the language site Omniglot for this.

Here are 5 cute riddles and inside joke ideas you can use to say I love you in a secret language to your special someone:

Riddle 1: What precious possession belongs to me yet only you can truly claim?

Answer: My heart, my love – now and for all our days!

Riddle 2: What did a painter say to her boyfriend?

Answer: I love you with all my “art.”

Riddle 3: What nutty remark did the smitten squirrel make to his sweetheart?

Answer: He exclaimed: “I’m crackers over you!”

Riddle 4: Though I can break, clog, get attacked or given away – I can also still be made whole. What am I?

Answer: The human heart.

Riddle 5: What flirtatious suggestion did the fish make on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: We should totally hook up!

These funny ways to say I love you will surely charm the receiver!

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Secret Ways To Say I Love You In Code 

Countless curious ways exist to secretly say I love you in the text to your crush through creative mathematical and binary codes. For logic-loving partners, integrating numbers and symbols into affectionate confessions adds an extra dose of originality and fun.

Encrypt your love text messages in mysterious matrices for them to decipher or pose a numeric riddle to reveal romantic feelings. When you like someone, but do not want to confess your love the traditional way, expressing your feelings in some secret codes will actually make you unique to them. Whether you choose numerical phrases or riddles or mathematical equations, you will definitely make a mark with these secret ways confessing your love for them!

The following explores unique ways to write I love you in hidden words to covertly channel intimate emotions into numeric languages:

1. 143 – The Most Popular Mathematical Code For I Love You

While I am pretty sure we all have played our bit with 143, given its wild popularity when it comes to love and more, yet this still retains its charm. This popular numerical code translating to “I love you,” is probably the easiest to decode by your SO.

For the ones who aren’t (really) familiar with how it conveys I love you message- here it goes-

  • 1- This number 1 denotes the letter “I” , you in this case
  • 4- Stands for the number of letters in “LOVE”
  • 3-Denotes the 3 letters in “you”, that is, your SO

Simple as it is, it is still successful to convey the romantic feelings in a somewhat different way. The idea of associating numbers to the number of alphabets in this beautiful phrase is as creative as it gets. Its simplicity and hidden meaning has made it a favorite secretive way for logic-minded lovers to secretly encode their heartfelt devotion.

2. 831 – The Encrypted Numerical Code For Saying I Love You

If encryption is your thing, then 831 would be a great offbeat way for you to say “I Love You” to your crush. And if your crush is studying in college, this may be the perfect way to engage their brains and stimulate their logic.

Why 831? Because it is not as popular as 143, your crush may need a few moments to decode this love code. How so? Let me explain.

831 again relies on the number of letters in the magical phrase I love you, but is encrypted differently than 143. Here’s how:

  • 8 is the total number of letters in I_LO_V_E_Y_O_U
  • 3 is the total number of words in the above phrase
  • 1 signifies the fact that it has one beautiful meaning

831 holds the encrypted meaning of “I love you” through 8 – counting out the total number of letters that appear in the phrase “I love you.” The 3 references the fact that the statement is composed of 3 words total.

Confessing your love and affection with this lesser-known numeric code brilliantly packing the full romantic sentiment into easy-to-overlook digits will surely captivate your love interest’s attention. And a ear-to-ear-smile is guaranteed.

The fact that you chose to go the unconventional way to confess your heartfelt feelings will inevitably prove your true love for them.

3. 721 – The Simple Way To Confess Your Love Mathematically

Looking for a short, yet impactful way of saying I love you with numbers? Something that is easy to decode yet does not give away your feelings at the first glance on the mobile screen? Take my word- try confessing your love with 721.

Use 721 as a way to sign off a text. Like “Pick you up at 7 for Ryan’s party. 721”.

There, you have it. 721 uses the mathematics digits to convey the informal “Love You” to your beau. Simple, neat, but profound in its essence. Here’s how it works:

  • 7 – signifies the number of letters in the informal phrase L_O_V_E_Y_O_U
  • 2- denotes the number of words
  • 1 again, the one standard meaning for your “1”

This coded love message can be used for a friend you’ve been hanging out with for sometime now. Just drop a casual 721 over a call, on a piece of paper or over a text and let them wonder what it meant. Once they do decipher the deep meaning behind these barely noticeable digits, there should be no doubt how much you adore them, even from afar.

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4. K3U – The Tricky Code For I Love You

Now this one is for someone who enjoys a puzzle or two. It is not the usual numbers coming your way, but something random. The 3 characters thrown together are actually hiding a visual trick.

  • K- when viewed with slightly narrow eyes will look something like I<
  • 3- when combined with <, it represents the heart, the base of all things romantic with <3
  • U- yes, of course, it stands for you

When given a bit of thought, this sequence transforms into “I <3 U”, a beautiful way of secretly saying I ❤️ You- without it being so obvious.

This number-letter code is a creative graphical way to form the hidden phrase “I love you”.

These seemingly arbitrary characters disguise the affectionate message encoded a series of letters and a number, something that your SO will have to focus on when decoding the meaning. And, involuntarily, focus on you. They will be impressed how you have used K3U to secretly communicate your love and affection to them.

Trust me, you have landed in their heart with this visual trick to say these magical words.

5. n3λ0lI – The Intrigued Way To Tell Someone You Love Them

Does this look complicated to you? It sure does to me.

At the first glance, this alpha-numeric string seems like the most random mathematical symbol. However, it is a clever marriage of textual symbols with numbers and letters to innovatively let your SO know about your feelings. Provided, they make the effort.

Send n3λ0lI to someone who enjoys a challenge every now and then. If they text back ” What does that mean?”, tease them a bit and ask them to try harder. Tell them its a special message hidden just for them and their eyes, no one else.

Wondering how does the quintessential I Love You is spelt within this string of random numbers, letters, and symbols? How does this complicated looking meta-physics kind of symbol conveying your tender feelings?

Simple. Turn the phone upside down!

There you have it, n3λ0lI when turned upside down will read something like “ILoveYou”. Someone did put a lot of effort when they discovered this out-of-the-box creative and intriguing way to confessing love. This is an original cipher from a numerical language of love that ultimately unites to poetically profess: I love you!

Word of caution here, do not send this to someone who is not a fan of numbers and symbols, your creative idea may just get blasted off!

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6. 224 – The Numerological Declaration Of Love

When you have fallen head over heels in love with someone, you want them by your side today, tomorrow and forever. You want your love interest to believe that your love is not temporary, passion is not fleeting and your promise is not made to be simply broken.

And to do that, you can profess your commitment of everlasting love and undying passion by sending them 224. The number 224 is much more romantic than what it looks, almost a poetic way to tell someone they are your ‘forever’.

How? 224 numerological signifies: today (2), tomorrow (2), and forever (4). This is the sweetest way to swear on your loyalty and commitment, without using long poetic verses or writing declarations of love with promises of a beautiful forever.

say i love you without saying those words
Image by prostooleh on Freepik

7. 2(2X – i) > 4X – 6U – Say I Love You In A Mathematical Equation

If your partner enjoys an intellectual challenge, express your love by posing a math equation riddle for them to solve! Many famous mathematical formulas creatively encode romantic phrases within. To confess your love to a math geek, ask them to: “Solve for i: 2(2X – i) > 4X – 6U and know my true, deep feelings for you.

But before you do that, do familiarize yourself with how this equation translates into a love text message. Here’s how it goes:

2(2X – i) > 4X – 6U

4X – 2i > 4X – 6U

-2i > – 6U

2i < 6U

1 < 3U

i <3 U

If you are as surprised as me seeing this complex mathematical equation arriving to derive the symbolic phrase “I <3 U”, declaring “I love you”, imagine the excitement of someone who gets a love message encoded like this.

Why just limit yourself to a straightforward confession of love, when this cryptographic couplet in the form of a numeric equation can hide an endearing secret message within its algebraic parameters and inequalities? An instant proof to the recipient how much the sender likes you!

8. 1 28√e 980 – Numerical Secret Way To Say I Love You In A Text

Another visual trick to confess your love for someone with random numbers and symbols. Use the number sequence 1 28√e 980 to challenge your SO.

How so? Well, when you look at 1 28√e 980 covering the top half, it mysteriously reveals the concealed message “I love you” spelled out vertically below.

Who would have thought a random string of digits, a symbol and an alphabet can hold a secret romantic confession that can only be unlocked by physically interacting with the numbers themselves.

For the mathematically challenged or people who are not a huge fan of numbers or equations, this cryptic combination adds an element of surprise and delight when the hidden words of love and affection are revealed. Even the ones who are averse to numbers will be taken by surprise when they find honest affection presented through numeric deception.

9. sin² t + cos² t= 1 – Geeky Confession Of Love

I was particularly never a fan of Trigonometry, until when a guy texted me this scary looking equation. I was taken aback, but his next text read- “Solve this to know how I feel for you.”

So I did! This guy, who always had a soft corner for me really blew my mind by making a promise of forever with the trigonometric formula sin² t + cos² t= 1. Truth be told, I was impressed and couldn’t believe that this elegant mathematical statement states that me and him are 1, just as sin² t + cos² t= 1.

Say I love you with trigonometry

This  Pythagorean identify reflects on your bond, which will always stay as “1”, no matter what life throws at either or both of you. You would always balance out each other to be one, just as how the square of sine of a particular angle added to the square of cosine of same angle always results in 1. You can creatively adapt this equation to tenderly tell your person: 

“You are my sin² t and I am your cos² t – together for eternity equalling 1.”

10. Pi (π) – For The Infinite Forever

Pi (π) is an irrational number just like love, with decimal places that never repeat or terminate. This mathematical constant, signifies your constant love and the value of Pi is infinite, just as your love for your SO is.

This mathematical secret with a poetic secret of infinite love is one of the most beautiful rendition of loving someone, endlessly and without limits. This mathematical curiosity contains a beautiful romance metaphor.

The endless non-repeating decimals reflect eternal, unconditional love. To creatively incorporate this numeric phenomenon into a profession of affection, tenderly tell your partner:

“I will love you until Pi runs out of decimal places.”

This mathematically signifies your love will persist indefinitely and unconditionally, mirroring how Pi’s decimals flow on for infinity without ever cycling or stopping.

Mix math and romance with these creative numerical codes tailored for logical minds seeking the perfectly geeky way to encode “I love you!”

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How To Say I Love You In Text Symbols? 

Infusing your “I love you” in text messages with cute and imaginative symbols is a simple yet delightful way to add an extra splash of charm.

When words get repetitive, reimagining familiar phrases with icons, emojis, shapes and various characters gives your romantic declaration fresh new meaning.

Here are 10 text symbol ideas:

  1. Heart symbol: I ♥️ you Classic heart instead of love!
  2. Flower symbols: ?I ?love? you! Beautiful blooms speak romance universal language.
  3. Cute emojis: ?I ?love? you!? Emojis add color, fun and amplified cuteness.
  4. Music notes: I?love?you For the musically inclined!
  5. Butterflies: ?I love you!? Fluttery butterflies signify the joy of young love.
  6. Stars: I ★ love ★ you! Stars shine bright, and so does my love for you!
  7. Snowflake: I❄️love you! No two snowflakes are alike, our love is just as unique!
  8. Puzzle pieces: I ? ?love you! We fit together perfectly!
  9. Infinity sign: I love∞you My love is never ending!
  10. Math symbols: I +=love you! Geeky but cute for the logical types!
Say I Love You With Emojis

Say I Love You Secretly With These Emojis 

Here are 10 hidden and secret ways to say “I love you” using only your favorite emojis! Deciphering the secret emoji message will make your partner smile and feel extra special. You can essay these things to say instead of I love you in a text:

  1. ??‍❤️‍??? – The two hearts beside the couple and kiss emojis signify my love for you!
  2. ????✊ – Holding hands, hugging, and high-fiving with the heart symbol sprinkled throughout is me sharing my love!
  3. ????‍♂️?‍♀️ – The gift, heart and bride and groom emojis walking signal I want to build a life with you!
  4. ???⚽???????️?? – Doing all our favorite activities at sunset is me loving spending quality time together.
  5. ✈️??⛩️???? – The travel emojis and hearts mean I’d love to explore the world with you by my side!
  6. ?‍???????‍??? – Cooking and feeding each other tasty treats is me nurturing our love!
  7. ?️????☁️??‍❤️‍?‍? – Staying up late whispering to each other till we fall asleep is me cherishing our bond!
  8. ?????? the animal emojis are our favorite furry best friends bringing joy during our special moments of love!
  9. ⛄?️☃️?️☔??‍❤️‍?? – Braving all seasons and weather with you by my side brightens my world like a rainbow!
  10. ???????❤️?‍❤️‍? – The thumbs up, handshake and celebration emojis high five our winning team – you and me in love!

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Say I Love You With Actions 

Words are great but actions capture the real magic when saying “I love you.” Acts of service and physical touch love languages can be best expressed with actions.

Say I Love You with actions
Image by Freepik

Here are some inconspicuous ways to say I love you to express your love through these popular romantic gestures:

  1. Make a romantic playlist with all the meaningful love songs and send it to bae.
  2. Plan movie nights at home with their favorite snacks and the cutest romance films. Make it extra special with a customized poster!
  3. Surprise with flowers delivery adding a sweet handwritten love note or a Valentine’s Day card. Nothing says it better!
  4. Send a care package of favorite goodies from local craft store when you’re apart. It’s the little thoughtful things.
  5. Bake cupcakes and get creative with frosting rose petals and love notes like “I LuV U” and “Bae <3”.
  6. Make DIY personalized love coupons for spa day, foot rubs, date nights, no arguments for a month etc!
  7. Text a lyric from your favorite romantic song. Music touches the soul.
  8. Create personalized love memes starring the two of you! Humour seals the deal.
  9. Plan random love trips and escapades. Experiences over things! Go back to where you first met.
  10. Frame sweet printed selfies of your happiest memories. Images speak volumes.
  11. Make a customised puzzle with a loving picture of you two. The perfect sentimental gift.
  12. Cook their favorite hard-to-make meal or Valentine’s fortune cookies. Good food is love served on a platter!
  13. Make a shared vision board with future goals – travel to unexpected places, dream home, five years from now.
  14. Write old-school love letters sealing it with a lipstick kiss. Pull at those nostalgic heartstrings! You can also write “I love you” on your bathroom mirror.
  15. Creating iTunes or Spotify playlist(s) that covers a cute picture of you two.
  16. Print and frame something thoughtful your partner said about your relationship.

Key Takeaways

  • Riddles and puzzles incorporate fun while confessing love textually.
  • A range of fascinating techniques to encode “I love you” messages for your partner to decipher.
  • Text symbols like hearts, flowers, and stars give standard phrases delightful new twists. 
  • Thoughtful and nice gestures beyond words – care packages, song lyrics, DIY gifts – speak volumes through personalization and effort.

Saying I love you might start to feel repetitive after a point. But keeping the spark of romance alive matters. Use these secret ways to say I love you in text with creative texting ideas, symbols, and codes to express your love refreshingly and earn some bonus points in your love life. Help your significant other feel truly cherished!