Whatever your reason for looking up “excuses for hickeys”, we have it covered for you. I remember using make-up products to cover my very first ‘love bites’, as they were fondly called.

A heated moment in the dormitory, or a passionate peck in the car when the adrenaline rush became too much to handle, I was often the person-of-interest wearing a testimony of love around my neck or on my chest. Curious questions would never stop, stares would be long and hard, and guesses were made on ‘who’s the lucky man!’

Whether you’re trying to hide a hickey from your partner (we really hope you are not cheating, and if you are, you’d come clean) or making an excuse for a love-bite for your parents, you need to come up with believable reasons for that  red mark.

So if you too want to give some believable excuses for the intimate moments you spent with your special someone, (and not make yourself a public figure flaunting those love-marks), we have prepared a list of as many as 30 excuses for hickeys. We are sure atleast a few woudld suit your concern.

Hopefully, when you are caught with bruises on your body, our creative yet believable excuses will silent the curious minds. Yes, read on so you can respond to them with more than just a coy blush.

What Is A “Hickey”?

Caused due to sucking or biting on the skin, especially where there is more skin than muscles (like the nick, chest, thighs, upper arms etc), hickeys are a result of tiny spots of blood called petechiae. This blood is released from the broken blood vessels under the surface of the skin. Intense pressure on the skin leaves these bluish-purplish or reddish marks.

Often dubbed as ‘love-bites’, hickeys can also cause some pain and swelling when touched.

And why do people give hickeys? There are a few people who believe hickeys are more like a mark of branding, while some also feel that hickeys are just marks of pleasure.

Too much thought should not be given to these marks of love, rather they should be viewed just like that- instead of tying the concept of hickeys to ownership or marking territories. Is a hickey a sign a kiss meant something special to him? Sure.

Now that we know what causes hickeys scientifically, let’s scout for the most believable hickey excuses you can bank on.

30 Creative Yet Believable Excuses For Hickeys You Can Use 

We’ve all been there: wearing these testimonies or badges of love after a hot rendezvous with someone special. While the timing of making love can never be wrong, the hickeys in the morning when you have a big day ahead of you are surely badly timed.

These ‘love-stamps’ will make you the center of attraction, and if you are not so keen on being in the limelight, or being the show-stopper, you need to think fast and hard to come up with something that can be passed as anything but a hickey.

1. I got this while training

If you are someone who is into sports or high intensity physical fitness, then you can get-away with a love bite quite easily.

If you practice martial arts, hit the gym regularly or play a high volte sport, be assured that people won’t be able to make out the difference between hickey and a sports-induced bruise.

Tell those curious people, ,”I got one of those neck massage rollers, aimed to improve blood flow. I think I used it a bit too aggressively.”

And thank me later! If they are still not convinced, drop accident bombs like,

  • “I bumped into something during my workout session.”
  • “I just tumbled on the mat on the rough.”
  • “I had an incident with resistance bands.”
  • “Held that shoulder strap too hard on my neck. Phew”

2. Unbelievable! I had a vacuum mishap!

So you have been given a love-mark last night and your mom knows you haven’t played anything of hit the gym midnight. What you can do in such a case is start vacuuming your room as soon as you get up.

Before your mom walks in, just chuckle and say, “I had a weird mishap trying to vacuum my room.” It sounds silly enough to be true. Show your hickey like a painful pinch mark you got in the accident. Or just playfully confuse them in their conversation by saying,

  • “Can you believe it? The vacuum nozzle got me good!”
  • “You won’t buy this, but the vacuum turned against me today.”
  • “Seriously, who knew vacuums could be so vicious?”

3. I tried some abstract body paint

Use it as a chance to showcase your creative side. “You should have seen the entire art piece before it smeared,” you might add. Abstract painting as an alibi for a hickey is both creative and a perfect way to reduce hickey visibility. And even more creative in throwing some OG excuses such as,

  • “I went to this super cool body painting session downtown. Still figuring out how to wash it all off.”
  • “Had a mini-art session with my niece and let her use me as a canvas. I should probably stick to paper.”

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4. I hurt myself opening a can

Anyone can relate to kitchen accidents, making this a good excuse to bottle up your sex life. “Can you believe it left a mark on my neck?” adds to its believability. For parents who know you’re a little clumsy in the kitchen, this aligns well with their belief system. Infact, they may be tempted to say this serves you right.  Believable? Oh yes, just give this probe an instant break with these statements,

  • “You wouldn’t believe it, but as I was opening the soft drink, it burst! Got me right on the neck.”
  • “My friend and I were tossing the can back and forth, and let’s just say my catch wasn’t very graceful. Got hit right on the neck.”

5. It’s a spider bite and I’m scratched it deeply

Nature’s little surprises make for compelling alibis. Expressing concern over a spider bite can take their attention. To add more intrigue, say, “I might also have a mark on hands or legs” heightening their concern over the bite itself. Keep on saying how annoying the itch is, and also put ointments on the mark. Makes a very good excuse for that mark of love! And you can intensify your hurt by saying:

  • “I had an allergic reaction and I couldn’t help but scratch it!”
  • “I was outside and felt something biting. Ended up scratching it a lot!”

Further, doctors mark the bite mark with ink to check how much does it grow over time. Do the same for authenticity and thank the eight-legged creature!.

6. It’s a medical skin condition

This excuse requires a delicate touch. Just ensure it doesn’t lead to a doctor’s appointment, lest your hickey concealment methods come unraveled. Use your confidence to get away while saying “I was using a derma roller at home.

I guess my partner sucks at reading instructions because this happened when they tried helping out!” Or drag their concern deeper to stop them asking more details with these excuses:

  • “This is the result of contact dermatitis. I guess I touched something my skin didn’t quite agree with.”
  • “I must’ve eaten something I’m allergic to. These hives just sprang up. It looks worse than it feels, though!”
  • “I just got a new dress and wore it without washing it. The chemicals reacted badly with my skin.”
Excuses for hickeys for men

7. It’s just from a playful pinch

Use a playful tone while excusing. “Can you believe a pinch left such a mark?” you might say. Or make it more real with, “It’s funny; it’s always been there on the same exact spot. You’ve just never noticed it. Reverse psychology in action, I guess?” Or just make it result of a dare game or give all-in good fun reasons like:

  • “You wouldn’t believe the silly dares we came up with last night. This pinch mark is the result of one of them.”
  • “A friend tried to surprise me with a playful pinch. Who knew it would leave such a lasting memory?”

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8. I got a heat rash from a recent hike

If your hickey is a result of one-night spent away from home, then you can use this as a great excuse. Emphasize your active lifestyle and recent adventures, especially if you are a hiker or trekker. Saying, “I was hiking, and the sun was intense. I probably should’ve worn a scarf.” 

This is a direct way to divert the conversation to your adventure, and makes a great story for covering up that hickey on your neck. Expand it anytime with these statements:

  • “I tried to climb a steep part during my hike and slipped. This is just a scrape from the rough terrain.”
  • “This is a mark from the backpack strap during my long hike. It was heavier than I thought!”

9. I got it during my first self-defense class

Show them that you’re investing in your safety. You can add, “The instructor said it’s common during initial training.” It can also lead to conversations about self-improvement instead of being another one of the typical hickey excuses. If the conversation still continues, highlight the actions, like,

  • “We were practicing escapes, and my partner got a bit too enthusiastic. See the result!”
  • “My partner missed the pad and ended up grazing my neck during a punching drill. Oops!”

10. Lost a silly bet with friends

Making light of the situation can be helpful. “My friends dared me to use a suction toy. Look at this mess now!” Playfully blame your friends and make it about a silly dare rather than about covering love bites. Use these statements to brace yourself for the situation:

  • “My friends dared me to test out those toy vacuums on my neck. I genuinely thought it wouldn’t leave a mark!”
  • “I was the chosen ‘target’ for a soft toy dart game. It was all fun and games until this mark appeared!”

11. I used a cold compress a bit too long

This is a handy hickey excuse if the mark is near a joint or muscle. “I had some neck pain and might’ve overdone the cold compress,” you can lament. It’s practical, believable, and avoids the need for other quick-fix remedies.

12. Brushed against some poison ivy during camping

A great excuse for nature lovers. If you are often in the wild, chasing adventure and hot, passionate lovemaking in the wilderness, then you can use this as your hickey cover-up story. 

“I didn’t even notice it until I felt it itch when I was looking around the forest!” This statement can turn the chat towards your recent trip, sighing away from your sweet love bites. 

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13. A not-so-funny friend tried to mock chokehold me

Use this when the mark looks more like a grasp than a hickey. It’s a simple, believable reason that might even elicit some sympathy. It can also be a subtle hint about setting boundaries, especially if you need excuses for hickeys to tell your mom.

14. I genuinely have no idea about this mark!

Acting surprised can be a clever tactic. “I woke up and it was just there!” Exuding genuine confusion can make this one of the best excuses. When someone asks about it, act surprised, and check yourself in the mirror, murmuring, “Oh! My! How did this happen?”

Sometimes, simple answers like “It’s so weird; ever since my friend and I made that new blood sisters’ pact, my skin has been bruising at the slightest touch! It’s not a fake hickey, I promise.” are the most effective.

15. Had a bit of a shaving mishap

One of the most common hickey excuses used worldwide. A believable mishap if the mark is in a place you’d typically shave. “I tried a new razor and it did this!” It’s a direct, everyday reason that doesn’t require extensive cover up stories. 

This is one of the best excuses for hickeys which men can make the most use of. Infact, this will not even raise an eyebrow, but instead make your mom make you a hot chocolate as a token of her concern! You  will be able to frame this better, but you get the hint.

16. It’s definitely a hickey. Just kidding!

Tell them, yet do not tell them! Sometimes, humor is the best way out.. Being cheeky and immediately refuting can confuse the questioner. “It’s a mark from my partner’s… hair straightener!”

Humor, combined with a quick switch to a believable excuse, often works wonders. And your dating chemistry won’t be questioned.

17. I was trying out this temporary tattoo form

The popularity of temporary tattoos is on the rise. Next time you have a mark you’d like to explain away, just mention testing out something new. It’s a hyped, almost convincing excuse that could explain a hickey-looking mark.

Besides, it offers a cool way to camouflage a hickey and could even be a conversation starter about art or upcoming special holidays. It can sound perfectly plausible if you say something like:

  • “I was experimenting with a new body sticker design.”
  • “I gave those temporary ink stamps a shot.”
  • “It’s a skin art sample I got from a fair.”
  • “I was dabbling with a faux tattoo trend I found online.”

Infact if your love-bite is small you can even  cover it up with a temporary tattoo sticker. You can also say you wanted to get a temporary tattoo done but the artist got it wrong and then you did not want it anymore. Trust me, not an eyebrow will raise.

love bites can be a sign of marking territories
Image by Racool_studio on Freepik

18. I had a weird allergic skin reaction

Skin reactions are common and can easily become excuses for hickeys to tell your parents. Claiming an allergic reaction and acting surprised can be a suitable cover to ensure a smooth pass from her.

However, ensure that you do not give too many details, as it might raise suspicion. Cover it up quickly by saying something like,

  • “I had an odd skin reaction to a new lotion.”
  • “I tried a different soap and my skin didn’t like it.”
  • “This patch appeared after I wore a new necklace. Maybe a metal allergy?”
  • “I got this after using a new face mask sample.”

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19. An insect bit me during my wildlife trip

Traveling and the great outdoors always come with the possibility of bug bites.A bug bite usually looks like a hickey mark as well, slightly red. But to lend authenticity to this claim, you need to have been outdoors for a while.

Using insect bites is a great excuse for a hickey as well, especially after an oh-so-hot vacay. Most people do not really know how an insect bite will look, so if you have been away, it would be a good cover-up for that passionate mark.

Your rendezvous with the insect not only serves as an excuse for a love-bite but also as a story about your adventures. So, if you need hickey cover-up ideas, these might just work!

  • “A stray branch scratched my neck area during my mountain trek.”
  • “It’s a burn from campfire sparks on my recent camping adventure.”
  • “It’s a bruise from a rock fall during my last cave exploration.”
  • “A playful puppy left it on my neck during a farm visit.”

Summer BBQs are also notorious for bug bites. Use this to your advantage if you’re looking for excuses for hickeys. It’s seasonal and relatable. Everyone’s been a bug’s favorite at one point or another!

Plus, with the increased time spent outdoors, especially near water or gardens, bugs are more prevalent. You can even add a light-hearted comment like, “Seems like bugs find me sweeter than the BBQ sauce!”

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20. It’s just stage makeup from my drama class

If you are in high school or college, make sure you are into theatre! Why? Because your love-stamps can be covered by using makeup as an excuse. Stage makeup can be bold and dramatic.

Saying you’ve been experimenting with it could be one of the best excuses for a mark on your neck. This also offers you an opportunity to discuss your passion for drama or arts. And divert the conversation from the hickey concealment methods you might have tried with these excuses:

  • “Oh, that? It’s special effects makeup from our film project.”
  • “It’s a test patch for my new makeup palette. Crazy pigment, right?”
  • “There’s this brand of foundation I wore today  for my drama. Left a mark like this. Should I see a doctor?”

21. I accidentally burned myself with a curling iron

With the rise of DIY beauty routines, styling with irons has become common. It’s not unusual for people to get a burn mark, which is more of a hickey-looking mark. If you’re a woman, this might be your go-to excuse to mask your love bites.

Just say you were using a curling iron to do your hair and suddenly you touched your skin with one of the corners. To make your excuse come as believable, act like you are still in pain. And yes, be the perfect liar by ensuring your hair toward the back of your neck look curled, fresh!

And yes, you be ready for safety tips on using curling irons!

22. I got this during a paintball game

Haven’t we all felt the blood rush while playing paintball? This intense game mostly lave us with an injury here or there, so make use of playing paintball as your perfect excuse for a hickey.

Share a thrilling story, how to use the paintball gun while you white wash your passionate moments. Make it a real event of how you got hurt and fabricate something like:

  • “I was on a roll in the game, but one sneaky idiot attacked me.”
  • “Thought I was in a safe spot, but someone had a bead on me the whole time.”
  • “I tried blending in, but someone spotted me anyway.”

23. I took a hit during a sports game

Looking for sports excuses to cover for an hickey? Well, we hear you! Sports, be it football, rugby, or even basketball, can lead to unexpected bruises. It’s an excellent excuse for a hickey, especially if you’ve recently been involved in a sports game. Just make sure you remember the details of the game if someone asks! You can start from:

  • “You should have seen the first fight during our basketball game. I got elbowed right on the neck. Not the best memory from the game.”
  • “You know how rugby can be – rough and with a lot of close contact with neck muscles.”
  • “Tried playing football, and ran to make a save during a penalty and ended up hitting the post. Hurt more than just my pride!”
best excuse for a love-bite

24. I had an issue with an ingrown hair

Ingrown hair follicles can cause noticeable redness and irritation. It’s a universal excuse to conceal hickey marks from everyone. If you have no believable ways to defend it, drop something like: 

  • “I took a test trial of a new shaving technique, and it gave me this!”
  • “I used a new hair removal cream and my skin reacted badly.”
  • “Used a loofah for the first time and I think it irritated an ingrown spot.”

25. My straightening iron left a mark

Many of us have felt the burn of a straightening iron, literally. A little distraction from the mark and a pivot to a discussion about hair care routines can help further divert attention. Hide your hickeys with these relatable statements:

  • “Was showing my sibling how to use the straightening iron, and this happened.”
  • “I was trying to get those curls at the back and, well, the straightening iron had other plans.”

26. I fell asleep using a heating pad

Many of us use heating pads to ease muscle pain. Accidentally falling asleep with one can lead to marks. If you’re looking for ways on how to cover up a hickey, this excuse can be handy, especially during the winter months when warm compresses are commonly used.

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27. It’s from a wine shots game

Wine shots? Yes, it might sound a bit unconventional, but it’s a believable hickey excuse if you were at a party or gathering. It could lead to an entertaining story or a conversation about party games, drinks and excuses like,

  • “We were opening a new wine bottle, and it popped unexpectedly! I can’t believe the cork left such a mark.”
  • “You won’t believe the silly games we play during wine nights. Lost a bet and had to balance the wine bottle on my neck.”

28. The seatbelt left a rash on my neck

If you have recently travelled long distance, then use the car-seat belt as your perfect excuse for an hickey. No one will ask for extra details. Just act surprised and also state that it pains a bit. But what to do? Safety first, always.

29. It’s an ink stamp from last night’s party

Party stamps or wristbands are popular at clubs or exclusive events. It can serve as a fresh excuse for a hickey, especially if you’ve recently been out partying.

Moreover, these stamps can sometimes smudge or be mistakenly stamped on the neck by playful friends or enthusiastic event organizers. “They had this quirky stamping game; guess they stamped a bit too hard!” can be a chuckling addition.

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30. Had a bit of a food allergy

Food allergies can cause heat rash on your skin that looks quite similar to hickeys. Just be sure to remember which food caused the “allergic reaction” in case it comes up later! Set your reasons like:

  • “I tried a new exotic fruit salad.”
  • “I shouldn’t have tasted that vegan cheese. Thought I’d give dairy-free cheese a try, but this mark says otherwise.”
  • “I guess I was served stale fish today at lunch.”

So here we are, with 30 of the best excuses for hickeys which people would believe. However, sex life should always be private and you must be careful that you do not leave visible marks on each other, unless you do not mind being gossiped about.

Also, we hope these are the love-bites from your partner and not someone who you cheated on them with. If you are wondering till when to wear turtle-necks to hide that hickey on the neck, read on.

How Long Does It Take For A Hickey To Go Away?

Ah, the infamous hickey! Often seen as a badge of passion or just a sign of a night gone… interesting. And you are surely saving the above list of excuses for hickeys.

Typically, a hickey can last anywhere from a few days to two weeks, depending on its severity and your personal healing rate. These mini-bruises result from the passionate act of kissing or sucking the skin out of passion, and sometimes, with a hint of lust.

You’ve probably heard a plethora of hickey concealment methods, from the classic scarf trick to dabbing on some makeup. And then there’s the ever-popular toothpaste method – because who hasn’t wanted minty fresh skin?

Just remember, if you’re ever caught with one and need an excuse, “I burned myself with hot coffee” is always a fun one to try! However, it’s always handy to have a list of excuses for hickeys ready – because you never know when passion strikes, right?

Key Takeaways

  • Your confidence is king. How you deliver an excuse often matters more than the excuse itself. Own your story, and you might just divert the focus away from the hickey
  • Lighten up with humor. A playful spin can defuse awkwardness. A humorous tale, whether about a “straightener mishap” or a “silly bet”, can easily change the narrative
  • Master the art of misdirection. Redirect the conversation to something intriguing like an adventurous hike or a new self-defense class. A captivating story can overshadow a hickey any day
  • And lastly, it’s your personal life. While creative excuses for hickeys are fun, it’s okay to set boundaries and keep some aspects of your life private
  • And remember, excuses will only last a few times. So be mindful whe indulging in passionate lovemaking

Whether you view hickeys as playful tokens of affection or momentary lapses in discretion, they often become a hot topic of conversation. With our list of 30 creative excuses, you’re equipped to handle any curious glances or direct interrogations with humor and flair. Remember, sometimes it’s not about escaping scrutiny but about adding a little laughter to life’s unexpected moments. So, the next time someone asks about that conspicuous mark, serve them a tale with a smirk!