If only there were a guide to decode men and their behavior! That would have taken our dating game a notch up. However, one look at their zodiac sign and you can know them well. Psst, let us tip you off: if you find an Aquarius man testing you, you know there are chances of sparks flying. This Aquarius guy could be genuinely interested in you!

Aquarius men tend to test the women they like- especially if they feel they are about to commit to them. It is their tactic to play safe, and save themselves from potential heartbreaks!

But, how do you read an Aquarius man and know his intentions? Most women tend to overlook the subtle signs, but you need not. You have our love Guru’s guidance to help you see through all the signs an Aquarius man has fallen for you. 

Picture this: There is this Aquarius man you are crushing on, but he has been elusive. He looks disinterested yet attentive to you. How do you find out if he is keen on entering into a romantic relationship?

It can get difficult to figure out when an Aquarius man is sexually attracted to you. Not anymore when you have our compiled list of signs to watch out for when an Aquarius man is testing you and some tips to help you cope as well as to beat an Aquarius man at his own game! So, let’s get started!

17 Clear Signs An Aquarius Man Is Testing You

Men born between 20th January to 18th February belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign. These charming air sign men are difficult to crack. Aquarius men are not like the other guys. Their personality traits are contradictory: they’d be extrovert and yet reserved, outgoing yet personal and shy, and serious yet endowed with a morbid sense of humor.

If an Aquarius man’s heart beats for you then you’d find him playing mind games; he’ll test you to see how you react, and lastly, he is mean to you! Let’s discuss similar signs in detail to understand how rebellious Aquarius men tend to act in romantic relationships.

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1. He’ll play hard to get

Playing hard to get comes naturally to an Aquarius male. Most men enjoy playing hard to see how far you can go to win them over. They love the chase that drives the person on the other end crazy. They love to present themselves as mysterious.

An Aquarius man tests you by being evasive–he might distance himself, act disinterested, or indulge in some alone time. All this is to make you curious about him. He may even come across as a narcissist.

He wants to be chased after, and so he would casually say he is busy this weekend just to see your reaction, even though he might be just flipping through Netflix shows!

2. He’ll flirt with others in front of you

He will openly flirt with other women for you to make a mental note of it. Don’t be astonished if he brings a female friend into the picture to help him put you to the test to the extent that you are pushed to your breaking point. He wants to test if you resort to overthinking or just play cool. It is just his way of seeing the real you. 

Aquarius men can be huge flirts, ready to tease and seduce potential people. An Aquarius man testing you by flirting with others is checking you for your controlling tendencies.

He is testing the waters to see if you are overly possessive of him or are one of those overly clingy girlfriends that put him off. If you fail this test, consider the prospective romantic relationship gone with the wind!

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3. He’ll play mind games with you 

What’s the one thing common to Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio, and Aries men? They are all notorious for playing mind games. Trust your Aquarius crush to test your patience by grilling you through mental games.

They’ll ask you deep probing questions and constantly keep an eye on you. On the surface, they are conversing casually to get to know you, but they are in reality painting a true picture of you in their minds.

He will make you feel jealous and test your emotional quotient by telling you about all the stunning women hitting on him the last night at the club.

Beware! This is only to scratch your exterior and see your reaction. He would want to see how committed you are to the relationship and if you really are the right person to settle with. 

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4. He will show you his vulnerable side too early

An Aquarian male will put up a strong exterior, much like a Cancerian, Taurean, and Leo man. He will pretend that he is a tough guy with no fears or insecurities. Normally, they would think twice before opening up to you to show their emotional and vulnerable side. 

On the contrary, if you have an Aquarius man testing you, you’d find him confiding in you. He’d start talking about his deepest fears and darkest desires in the early stages of the relationship. You might even feel as if he is oversharing stuff with you.

He will share any uncomfortable situations or traumatic experiences he’s been through. That’s their own way of seeing how you react to their sensitive side. It is extremely important for them to see whether you are belittling them for letting their guard down or extending empathetic support to them. 

5. Aquarius man tests how needy or fiercely independent you are 

Aquarius men are independent souls, the typical water sign. It is natural for them to show genuine interest in fiercely independent women. He would prefer to purposely miss your calls and overlook your texts if you come across as a clingy woman. It simply puts them off. 

We all know some women tend to get needy in romantic relationships. While few are understanding enough to set healthy boundaries, others act like damsels in distress every time they see their man around!

Let us warn you: your Aquarius guy will test you for your neediness to gauge how much of an independent woman you are. He will see how much personal space you allow him to spend time with himself or his gang.

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 6. He’ll ignore you to distance himself 

‘Do Aquarius guys ignore the girl they like?’ They do! ‘If an Aquarius man ignores you, does that mean he is testing you?’ Yes, again! An Aquarius man tests you by ignoring you. They need alone time and breathing space in their love life.

So to test you they will see how you react when they pulls away. He will ignore your suggestions, overlook your new hairstyle, turn down your plans, and won’t pay heed to you. If you haven’t heard from the Aquarius man, or haven’t got a response to your text, know that he is testing you. 

An Aquarius man comes and goes because he wants to claim his personal space. Will ignoring an him back help in such a scenario? Not really. This reverse psychology on Aquarius man might not help. Simply brush it off instead of confronting him. Just enjoy quality time with him and focus on taking it forward.

7. He tests a woman taking you out with his friends

Aquarius men make better friends than lovers. You might see him taking you for a night out or a club hop along with his close circle of friends to check how well you balance it all. Casually hanging out with his friends might seem to become the norm as your Aquarian tests you. 

His intentions are to check how sociable you are, how you gel with people, and to see if you like his set of friends. This can give him a deeper understanding of your nature. So expect to be closely scrutinized even when seemingly you guys are chilling and enjoying with friends. 

8. He’ll give you a loyalty test to pass

Nothing, we repeat, nothing that an Aquarius male does is ‘not’ a test. An Aquarius man testing you before he gathers his final thoughts about you is as obvious as the nose on your face! And trust them to come up with some really crazy ideas!

He might ask one of his best friends to flirt with you. It is their own way of finding out how seriously committed you are to him. Even though he wouldn’t let you sniff his insecure behavior, he would keep an eye on you when you’re around other guys. 

Needless to say, the slightest hint of distrust would make him back off. Looking for the right girl, he’ll put you through such loyalty tests. He sees a future with you, but he won’t let it happen so easily.

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9. He will criticise you

Finding faults with you, giving you a piece of his mind, and criticizing your every move—don’t take these as his rudeness; these are just a few of his ways to test you. He wants to see how you react to criticism—are you someone who is easily offended?

Or, do you take it in your stride as a constructive tool? He is looking for a confident woman who is self-righteous. A submissive woman displaying insecure behavior is a deadly combo for an Aquarius man. He will just run away!

Aquarius men want you to stand up and speak for yourself, calling them out for all the crap they deal you. Agreeing with him on every stupidity is a bad idea. He looks for a challenging and rebellious (somewhat) attitude that isn’t afraid of questioning him. 

10. He’ll test your sense of humor 

A good sense of humor is like salt for an Aquarian—a sprinkle of which is indispensable to any dish! He will test you to check for compatible humor. He is going to crack a few jokes and poke fun at you to gauge you. 

He will make a note of your reactions to his jokes to understand if you two can get along well. He wouldn’t pursue you if he feels his humor is at risk or he isn’t comfortable being himself around you.  

People with the Aquarius zodiac sign are fun-loving and chirpy people who live their lives to the fullest. Your Aquarian guy wouldn’t want to feel stuck in the mundane seriousness of life with his partner. 

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11. He’ll put you in uncomfortable situations

Talk about being dissected, as if, and analyzed by an Aquarius man! This water bearer testing you can go to the extent of putting you in uncomfortable situations.

Putting you through stressful circumstances, unpleasant scenarios, and highly demanding affairs is what he’ll do the best. Do you keep your calm and composure during such events or do you get agitated and cave in under pressure? He is going to be one stern judge!

He might prefer to probe into your mind, asking you weird questions to see how spontaneous and quick-witted you are with your answers. As he prods you with such grueling tests, he wants to be sure of his final thoughts on you. 

12. Aquarius men test your intelligence

Being an air sign, Aquarian males are highly intellectual and thoughtful. Much like a Gemini and Libra man, Aquarians love intellectual and meaningful conversations. They value mental stimulation and march to the beat of their own drum.

They want their partner to brim with knowledge and wisdom so that they can engage in stimulating and intelligent conversations with them. 

You might find your Aquarius guy talking about weird and far-fetched concepts just to test your knowledge and awareness. So girl, do your homework well when talking with an Aquarian!

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13. He’ll check for your controlling tendencies

No one likes to be controlled, much less an Aquarian. They detest to be told what to do. He wouldn’t take any of your orders, nor would he like to stay tied to you. He’ll see how far you can go to control him.

Every time you nag, criticize, or instruct him, he will keep it all in his mind. You try to control or steer an Aquarian and he would do just the opposite of what you tell him to do.

That’s a typical rigid Aquarian for you! And you have to pass this test of theirs to assure them that they will be getting ample space in the romantic relationship, because either way, they are not settling for anything less than this.

14. He’ll act hot and cold

The Aquarius man comes and goes. Don’t bother about his intentions; it is just one of his mind games. Aquarians are known to act hot and cold randomly in romantic relationships. They test you as they turn highly affectionate of you one day and aloof and detached the other.

You might find your Aquarius guy showering you with all the love today, pampering you, and treating you like a princess. The very next day, or even within a few hours, they will, as if, cut ties with you and retreat into their cocoon to spend time with themselves.

They can be emotionally unavailable to play with your mind. They want to elicit a response from you and see how you react as they turn their switch on and off. It is now upto you whether you maintain your calm or get unnerved. 

15. He’ll set his priorities elsewhere

Aquarius men are infamous for shying away from commitment in relationships. However, they never make their partners feel relegated to the backseat. But, in case you feel that this is indeed the case, then understand that he is doing this on purpose.

His strategy is to invest his attention and time somewhere else to make you feel so. This is another possible test set for you to pass. 

He might make his professional commitments his priority, or devote more time and energy to his friends rather than spending time with you. Forget about seeing him ever again if you make a fuss about it. Any hint of jealousy can work adversely on your relationship.

16. He’ll test your response to his ideas and interests 

An Aquarius might randomly ask you about a particular movie, song, or book. He will mention his hobbies and interests, his passions, and his pursuits to seek your opinion on these. He will check for compatibility as he closely scrutinizes your responses.

Make sure you share your honest opinion about the same, as an Aquarius can easily see through lies and pretensions

Even though they are not adrenaline junkies like Sagittarians, they might throw an adventurous idea at you to see how you react. These can be outrageously insane or downright crazy ideas! 

17. He’ll test you for your honesty

‘Fake it till you make it’ might go the adage. On the contrary, be honest in your approach if you want to commit to an Aquarius man. Putting up facades just to make them like you more isn’t going to help in the long run. To get him to commit to you, your honesty is extremely important. 

To test your honesty and genuineness, he might ask you questions that answer to which he already knows. Yet he’ll ask you just to see how truthful and transparent you are. Dishonesty and hiding the facts can nip the relationship in the bud. 

How To Respond To An Aquarius Man Testing You

How To Respond To An Aquarius Man Testing You

An Aquarius man testing you might come across as picky and idealistic. You might have to go through hordes of tests before getting their seal of approval. These might unnerve you, throw you off guard, and leave you flabbergasted.

However, if you know how to respond to these tests you can stay better prepared and turn them into an opportunity to prove your worth. So girl, follow our handy tips to know how to respond when an Aquarian throws a test for you to tackle. 

  1. Stay true to yourself: Be authentic and let your genuine personality shine through. Do not ever put on a cloak that hides your true self. An Aquarius man will fall for you for your individual personality and will appreciate your uniqueness
  2. Understand his concerns and apprehensions: An Aquarius man testing you has his own set of fears when it comes to finding the right girl. His intentions are just to check for compatibility that will make the relationship stronger and more beautiful. He needs to know and understand his potential partner inside out before completely committing to them
  3. Keep a cool head: When an Aquarius male tests you, simply play along. Reverse psychology on Aquarius man will worsen the matter. Maintain a calm composure, and deal with the situations patiently
  4. Reflect on your feelings: Do not lose track of your emotions in the run to prove yourself to someone. In the end, it is about you and your heart. Stay genuine to your feelings. Instead of making someone like you, introspect and check if you like them in the first place
  5. Never underestimate the importance of an open and honest conversation” Whatever your concerns, be vocal about them. Express yourself freely. If you do not like him putting you through these tests, tell him so. You want to woo him, no matter what, convey your profound feelings for him

Key Takeaways

  • Aquarian men are an eclectic mix of contradictions who want to be doubly sure before committing. Trust them to come up with a slew of tests to find the right girl
  • An Aquarius man testing you is looking for authenticity and genuineness. Make sure you don’t fall short of that
  • You might be tested for your honesty, integrity, truthfulness, and commitment to the relationship
  • His intention is to know and understand you better. Expect his behavior to be a tester of your overall personality

Aquarians, much like any other zodiac sign, have multifaceted personalities. Their personalities are streaked with a confused hue of emotions and signals that can leave you perplexed. Yet, it is undeniable that all they want and care for is veracity and genuineness. So let’s welcome them in our lives with an open heart and calm mind, for beneath their mysterious tests lie a passionate heart brimming with love.