The termination of any relationship is excruciating. Sometimes you can be blindsided entirely, and it can break you from the inside. However, men convey their emotions through their body language, facial expressions, and behavior. They show many such signs that the relationship is over for him. You just have to catch them in time and try to change his mind. 

According to statistics, it has been found that 31% of men are unhappy in their relationships and are the first ones to initiate a breakup. And there’s nothing wrong with that. A man has all the right to walk out of a relationship if he feels like it’s not working out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent this from happening. You just have to act fast once you see all the signs he’s emotionally checked out from the relationship. 

15 Agonizing Signs The Relationship Is Over For Him 

You’ve started noticing some slight changes. He doesn’t make as much eye contact as he used to. He doesn’t smile at you. He doesn’t touch you like before. He has stopped being playful with you. We get it; this can be heartbreaking. That’s why we are here to help you out. And with the below-listed signs in mind, you will be well equipped beforehand to handle difficult situations in a better way. If the relationship is worth saving, then this article will be very helpful. 

1. A clear lack of communication 

One of the telltale signs a relationship is over or heading toward a dead end is when one party or both parties withdraw from open and honest communication. Communication sits at the center of every relationship. Studies have found that it is directly linked to relationship satisfaction between couples. The more honestly and frequently you converse with your partner, the more peaceful and harmonious your relationship will be. 

This is even more worrisome if he used to be extremely communicative and responsive with you. But all of a sudden he has:

  • Stopped talking to you
  • Become distant
  • Doesn’t reply to your messages and even if he does, he is vague and seems disinterested in communicating with you

These are the first few signs your affair is over for him.  

2. He has stopped appreciating you 

In healthy relationships, it’s important to acknowledge, appreciate, and accept your partner as they are. You have to appreciate all that they do for you. A simple “thank you” is enough to satisfy their emotional needs. Some people go the extra mile and buy presents for their significant other to show their partner that they are loved.

On the contrary, if your partner has stopped appreciating you, it is one of the signals the relationship is not working for him. This lack of appreciation might manifest as:

  • Not acknowledging your efforts
  • Taking you for granted
  • Not expressing gratitude for what you 
  • Making thoughtless jokes and remarks that undermine your feelings
  • He criticizes everything including your cooking, dressing sense, and even your decision-making abilities 
  • He has stopped remembering significant dates
  • He has stopped spending money on you 

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3. He seems indifferent toward everything 

Indifference in a relationship may seem like a trivial thing to you but a study has found that emotional indifference between partners is one of the primary reasons couples enter therapy. It’s one of the sure signs of a failing relationship. But what exactly is indifference? It’s when your partner doesn’t care about anything that’s happening in your life. You got a promotion at work? Hmmm.. Good for you. Yes. That will be their reaction. Lukewarm. Impassive. Incurious. 

Now, let’s say he did something to hurt you. You bring this up expecting a full-blown confrontation but he is unmoved by your sadness and concerns. He shows apathy. Perhaps he’s considering a breakup and thinks it’s futile to react to all your problems. These are some of the crucial signs of indifference you shouldn’t ignore. Address this issue instead of letting it disintegrate further. 

4. There is no physical intimacy 

Physical intimacy can create a unique bond between partners by fostering closeness, promoting emotional connection, and making one another feel desired. Studies have proven that greater levels of sexual intimacy are crucial in enhancing the quality of the relationship. If your partner suddenly acts like he doesn’t want a physical relationship with you, it’s one of the signs the relationship is over for him.

You also have to note down if he makes excuses in order to avoid having sex with you. He no longer initiates sex. Instead, he will say things like:

  • I am not in the mood today
  • I have a headache
  • I am stressed about work

It’s nothing to worry about if he uses these excuses once in a while. But if your sex life is pretty much non-existent and he has started making excuses regularly, it means he is no longer interested in sustaining this relationship with you. 

5. He has stopped being vulnerable with you 

Emotional intimacy is as important as physical intimacy. You need to know your partner inside out if you want to be in a long-term relationship with them. You need to know all their fears, secrets, and traumas. They need to share their weaknesses with you. It fosters trust and creates an atmosphere of reliability. It creates a foundation of safety and understanding.

However, when that’s missing from the equation, you will only witness loneliness. You will feel like you are unworthy of your partner’s love and that they don’t trust you enough to share their ordeals with you. If you see this clear sign that your partner has stopped being vulnerable with you, then fix things immediately as this is one of the behaviors indicating the relationship is over for him. 

he has stopped being vulnerable with you
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6. He exudes negative body language 

How to know he’s no longer invested in the relationship? Paying attention to his body language will help a lot in such cases. Here are some signs of an unhappy person in a committed relationship:

  • He sighs a lot. When a person sighs, it’s his internal suppression that comes out
  • He avoids eye contact 
  • He smirks at you
  • He has stopped hugging you, holding your hands, or cuddling with you
  • His arms are always crossed when the two of you are having a conversation 
  • His eyebrows are always furrowed 

You often fight a lot in a romantic relationship. But that doesn’t mean your partner will make you feel like you don’t deserve their love by portraying negative body language. This is one of the biggest red flags that proves he’s seeking distance in the relationship. 

7. You don’t spend quality time together anymore 

Quality time — where partners spend meaningful and focused moments together. It’s a step they take to enhance the emotional connection and strengthen the bond. It’s not just about being physically present, but about being fully engaged and attentive toward one other. Quality time usually involves:

  • Genuine interaction and open communication
  • Sharing personal experiences that promote understanding, intimacy, and enjoyment
  • Being comfortable in silence
  • Trying new things together
  • Going on dates

The emphasis clearly rests on creating memories and fostering a deeper connection rather than merely spending time in the same space. But if your status quo is zero quality time and more of alone time and personal space, then it’s one of the signs the relationship is over for him. 

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8. He fights with you all the time 

Relationships go through tough times and it is common to have arguments and disagreements once in a while because you can’t expect one partner to agree with everything the other partner says or thinks. Hence, fights are bound to happen.

However, constant conflicts and fighting over the same things again and again is one of the signs he’s considering a breakup. Furthermore, the fact that he isn’t ready to resolve these issues but keeps fighting about it should give you a clear hint that he isn’t interested in continuing this relationship. This could be a sign that there is someone else in his life

9. Or… he doesn’t fight at all 

Conversely, if he doesn’t fight at all and keeps sweeping issues under the carpet, then you need to act smart. It’s one of the signs he doesn’t really care about you or the relationships. When your partner is avoiding conflicts, he is deliberately missing the opportunity to improve the quality of the relationship because healthy conflict allows couples to address and resolve issues that might otherwise plague and cause long-term resentment.

Working through disagreements promotes personal and relational growth, as it challenges couples to adapt and compromise. But if your partner refuses to engage in disagreements, it means he is done with the relationship. He doesn’t care about anything. He is okay with letting the relationship rot and become stagnant. 

10. You feel like you’re in a one-sided relationship 

You feel like the entire burden of carrying this relationship is on your back. You are the one making plans and dinner dates. You are the one knocking on the door of intimacy. You are the one who is spending money on him, buying expensive gifts to make him happy, and indulging in love languages to make him feel loved. These are some of the signs of a one-sided relationship.

On the other hand, your partner looks like he has an indefinite hold on this relationship. It looks like he is just passing his time. Being in such an unhealthy relationship can make you feel neglected, undervalued, and unimportant. He stops inviting you to meet his family and friends. He doesn’t spend time talking to you about your feelings and makes you feel like an invalid. 

11. His priorities have changed 

If earlier he prioritized you a lot and now you aren’t even on his priority list, it’s one of the signs he is leaving you for another woman. Perhaps he is already cheating on you and isn’t sure how to break this news to you. You need to be prepared for such situations.

If you suddenly notice that he has started prioritizing his friends more than you, then something is definitely fishy. He is ditching his girlfriend to play video games with his friends? Nope. It’s a bad sign. Don’t ignore these subtle changes. 

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12. He doesn’t talk about the future anymore 

He used to talk about having a house with you and starting a family soon. What happened to those plans? He doesn’t even mention them anymore. That’s because he is thinking of breaking up with you. He doesn’t see you in his future.

Even your mutual friends know that he doesn’t want this relationship to run long. It’s not a good sign. What’s worse is that you don’t know what apparent reason he has to suddenly limit his future planning with you. 

he seems distant and aloof

13. Your needs aren’t being met 

All your emotional, sexual, financial, and intellectual needs are incomplete. Your significant other should be the one to fulfill them. When you are in love with someone, he is supposed to move heaven and earth to make sure you are happy.

Your partner needs to ensure that your personal issues are sorted and you don’t go through any sadness. If he can’t sit down with you and talk about your needs, you need to understand that things aren’t okay. He isn’t happy and he’s lost interest in the relationship. It’s one of the signs he’s losing interest in you. 

14. He doesn’t make you laugh anymore 

Attractiveness wears thin after a while and beauty fades as you age, but to be with someone who makes you laugh every single day, ah, that’s the real deal. And from first-hand experience, you have to be born under a lucky star to find a person who makes you cackle and chuckle at every opportunity he gets. And sometimes, even during a catastrophe. 

Professional relationship coaches have often preached about trying to make your partner happy. You need to giggle like babies together because they say that couples who laugh together, last together. Alas, if your partner is only giving you pain and sadness, then he is not the right person for you. Not just that but he also stops laughing when you crack jokes. All these are signs he’s done with the relationship. He is going through emotional detachment and doesn’t see the point of keeping you in a blissful relationship. 

15. You catch him lying to you

It starts with white lies which are okay if the intention of your partner isn’t to manipulate or deceive. But then there are big black lies. That should never be acceptable in a romantic relationship. Your partner should never lie to you. Lies are an open invitation to suspicion, disrespect, and betrayal. So, ask yourself whether this relationship is worth it.

These are some of the obvious signs the relationship is over for him. The growing pains are unbearable. We get it. But don’t feel defeated just yet if the relationship breakdown has already happened. There is a possibility that he may come back. Read along and find out why.

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Will He Come Back After The Breakup?

Whether he will come back after a breakup depends on various factors, including the nature of the relationship, the reasons for the breakup, and the individuals involved. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but here are a few considerations:

  • Reason: What was the exact reason for the breakup? If it was due to a specific issue or circumstance that can be easily resolved, there might be a chance for reconciliation. It’s just a temporary breakup. He will come back 
  • Unresolved feelings: If he still has feelings for you, there’s a higher possibility of rekindling the relationship
  • Willingness to change: If the issues that led to the breakup are addressed and if your partner is committed to making changes, there could be a chance to rebuild the relationship 
  • He couldn’t find anyone else: Your long-distance relationship is over but he suddenly comes back to you. Why? Because he couldn’t find anyone who could match your level of beauty, smartness, and kindness 

But if he’s moving on from the relationship and looks happy with his newfound love, then you need to move on as well. Learn how to stop thinking about your ex. Practice self-love and self-care. Heal from this heartbreak first and then explore the world of dating. 

Key Takeaways 

  • One of the major signs the relationship is over for him is when you are the one putting in all the effort into the relationship, such as planning dates, being attentive to his needs, or showing affection
  • If he avoids discussing future plans, commitments, or any serious topics, it could signify that he is not interested in continuing the relationship long-term 
  • He is no longer invested in the relationship if he spends less time with you and more time with his friends, colleagues, and family members 

Men tend to withdraw from a relationship when they feel like it’s not working out. They also start becoming distant when they find someone else better than you. Whatever their reason for this emotional detachment is, none of them justify the amount of pain he puts you in. He needs to sit down with you and talk it through before hastily taking the decision on his own. A healthy relationship is built on respect, trust, and honesty. If that isn’t there in the relationship, then there are less chances of you making this relationship work. In fact, you need to reconsider your love for this man. 


1. How do I know if he’s done or just mad?

He is done if he has stopped making you feel happy. If he doesn’t care about your sadness and ignores you like you don’t matter to him, then it’s clear that he is done. He is just mad if he stops talking to you for a while after a fight. The moment he comes back and resolves the issue, you’ll know he’s a good man who isn’t afraid of solving relationship problems.

2. At what point is a relationship over?

A relationship is over when you catch your partner cheating on you, disrespecting you, manipulating, and gaslighting you. When they break your trust or the slightest abuse takes birth or when partners have different goals, values, future plans, the relationship is over.